Round 21 – N

My 160-th entry – bijdrage

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Hi Everybody, a very good- morning / -afternoon / -evening!

So, isn’t this letter challenging? I discover that we don’t have solo-artists in The Netherlands who’s name starts with an N. To be precise; at least not ones who sing in the English language.  So I turned over to search for bands with a name that starts with N and sing also in English.

Nick & Simon is a very famous band of 2 young men who are very succesfull in the Dutch language music. But I remembered that they toured through the USA so I thougt, there must be music in the English language, and yes there is. Their breakthrough came in 2006 after working together with another famous Dutch singer. A certain village in The Netherlands has delivered already many singers and bands who became (still are) very famous but in the Dutch language.

Since I know that almost none of you understand my language, I always try to find something in English so you can understand what they are singing about.

So…. Nick and Simon it is…

36x Akkoorden op ~ Chords on 21-N

Ik 'beluister' graag jouw 'muziek' ~ I'dd love to 'listen' to your 'music'

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