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Mrs. Nesbitt’s ABC-Wednesday

Round 20 – W

My 146-th entry – bijdrage

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Hello and good morning, -afternoon, -evening, dear people who all participate is this wonderful photo-meme, which is a joy to me, week after week, after week. I’m always curious to what you come up with!

The challenging letter of this week is and I’ve chosen for the word: Welcome

Today in 4 weeks… a special date, which some of us, but probably myself the most, have been looking out for…  has arrived. July the 12th is that special date… Where I and my teammembers: Arnoldo, BeverlyDaphne, Di, Leslie, Phenomenon and Roger all hope to may “W e l c o m e” you at the start of, on one hand Round 21 and on the other hand the new home of ABC.

Looking very much forward to see you in:  http://abcwednesday.worrdpress.com 

Have a ♥-WARMING WELCOME ABC-Wednesday-day / – week ~
♫ M e l o d y ♫ (ABC-W-team)
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36x Akkoorden op ~ Chords on 20 – W

  • lesliebc  schreef ~ wrote:

    It is going to be an interesting adventure to see if we continue to have the interest and excitement of participating in ABCW. I know I will be trying to keep up my enthusiasm, since I’ve been doing ABCW since Denise’s Round 2 Letter B….so that’s been quite a few years now. But I do enjoy putting my photography to prose to entertain others. It will also be interesting to see if we tempt people from other parts of the world to participate. I do hope so! Thanks for your enthusiasm for continuing with this adventure, Melody.

    abcw team

    • Melody  schreef ~ wrote:

      And right you are Leslie. I know you are enthusiast ;-) Like I am about this. Also, like I did in an earlier stage (and I am not know for breaking promises) I promise that I will give my very best to do what ever is needed.

      That hope I do share with you, I would love to, just don’t know how to reach / motivate them though.

      You are welcome, more then!

  • photowannabe  schreef ~ wrote:

    Great Welcoming post. I’m still not sure if I will continue doing the ABC. 20 times may be my limit…we will see what the spirit does. Thanks for your willingness to charge ahead with the project.

    • Melody  schreef ~ wrote:

      Thank you Photowannabe

      Although I ofcourse would love to read you’re staying on ;-) Its okay that you don’t write it. Just let the spirit flow… as long as you do know that you are very welcome !

      You are welcome.

  • fietszwerver  schreef ~ wrote:

    ha die Melody
    een mooi welkom groet

    de dag loopt nu op z’n eind en het komt zeker goed :)
    plezier zullen we zeker hebben
    en ik vind het geen gedoe hoor de nieuwe haring hihi

    fijne avond groet

  • Kakel  schreef ~ wrote:

    Wat een leuke wolk en hij is nog blauw ook (-; (-:
    Ik voel me altijd welkom bij jou…
    Liefssss ♥

    • Melody  schreef ~ wrote:

      ;-) Helaas wel ja, de kleur wijzigen was me teveel werk, daar staat mijn hoofd niet naar.

      Gelukkig maar.


  • Ann  schreef ~ wrote:

    I’m liking the new badge!!

  • artmusedog  schreef ~ wrote:

    Love your ‘header photo’ and wonderful sign for welcome in so many languages ~ for W ~ ^_^

  • ewok1993  schreef ~ wrote:

    Welcome is a wonderful word, but a more impressive concept.


  • Roger Green  schreef ~ wrote:

    Well, I’ve already written my A and B post, so I guess I’m in!

  • Indrani  schreef ~ wrote:

    Looking forward to the launch date!
    Happy ABCW!

  • zongrik  schreef ~ wrote:

    i love that pic. wow.

  • jesh stg  schreef ~ wrote:

    Am looking forward to the ease it will give me as a wordpresser and not having to go through the chapta system to leave my comment:):)
    jesh stg componeerde ~ composed FIERCE or NEUTRAL COLORSMy Profile

    • Melody  schreef ~ wrote:

      Hi Jesh

      Lovely to read this!

      About the captcha, in most cases you can ignore it, it is not mandatory
      Melody componeerde ~ composed RespectMy Profile

  • Joy  schreef ~ wrote:

    Building the excitement Melody! Looking forward to the welcoming ABC community continuing in its new home.
    Joy componeerde ~ composed WishesMy Profile

  • Gattina  schreef ~ wrote:

    sorry I was here this morning but couldn’t find the comments ! and as I was in a hurry I had no time to look for it.

    • Melody  schreef ~ wrote:

      No need to apologize.

      Always look for ‘Akkoorden ~ Chords’ when you search for comments…
      Although you don’t need to search because in WordPress its always so that if you click on a posts title… you ‘open’ that post and find the commentsection always below it..
      Melody componeerde ~ composed Meer zijn. Minder doen.My Profile

  • Rajesh  schreef ~ wrote:

    Good to be part of this.
    Rajesh componeerde ~ composed Sri Gangamma Devi Temple, BangaloreMy Profile

  • Su-sieee! Mac  schreef ~ wrote:

    Perfect choice for W and the next round. That’s a very nice sign. Looking forward to the next round. I’ve already decided on my theme — movies. :-)

    • Melody  schreef ~ wrote:

      Thank you Su-sieee

      Oh wow, how wonderful to read you are ready for it! News like this makes me very happy!
      Beautiful theme to, I am looking forward to which ones you will choose, if I know them and ofcourse if you will succeed in triggering me to look them up and watch them.
      Melody componeerde ~ composed Baliekluiver-BilboMy Profile

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