logophotosundayPhoto Sunday by Noah
Gestart op 10 juni 2012 – 287
Thema 12 – 19 juni : Blossom


6 thoughts on “Bloesem”

  1. Edward McDunn schreef:

    Mooi hoor Melody, de kleuren spatten van mijn scherm.

  2. Melody schreef:

    ;-) Dank je wel Edward
    Zonnebril lenen?

  3. Freda schreef:

    Very beautiful and vibrant color!

  4. Melody schreef:

    Thats what a little bit of sun can do ;-)

    I was there at the right time to click

  5. Molly schreef:

    Is that a type of Clematis?


    1. Melody schreef:

      i think it is Molly but i am not sure

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