Mrs. Nesbitts’ ABC-Wednesday ~ 17-K

Well… to get the photo you want… you sometimes have to get down on your knees… beeing on the trip with a friend who couldn’t resist the urge to make a photo of such a moment… i can now let you enjoy the moment she had ;-)
Tja… om toch die ene foto te kunnen maken … moet je soms toch echt op de knibbels… en als je dan met een vriend(in) op pad bent die dan de drang niet kan weerstaan om dat te fotograferen… kan ik jullie nu dus laten meegenieten in het plezier dat zij had ;-)


38 thoughts on “ABC-Wednesday-17K”

  1. Mascha schreef:

    Oh yeah, we do many dislocation to make a photo… but our memories are sweet.
    Greetings from Germany

    1. Melody schreef:

      Dass stimmt!! ;-)
      Grüsse zu dir!

  2. Rajesh schreef:

    Great way to shoot a photo.

    1. Melody schreef:

      ;-) well ….my fysical health is far from good so this is not a position i prefer but sometimes i have to …. wanting to make a special photograph ;-)

  3. Roger Green schreef:

    Hard at work!


    1. Melody schreef:

      yes and i love it (fysically less but okay ;-) )

  4. Gigi Ann schreef:

    My old knees can’t take that anymore, I can get down but getting up is next to impossible, always have to have help getting back up.

    1. Melody schreef:

      Hi Gigi Ann, my knees are okay, but my back is a totaly different story. I too always need help to get up…thankfully i am never alone ….

  5. Kakel schreef:

    Verbaast me niets! Lenigheid kent geen tijd :-))
    Lieve groet en een pakkerd

    1. Melody schreef:

      *grijns* … lenig…. ehhhhh wasda??

      { knuffel } -x-♥

  6. Hildred Finch schreef:

    Anything for the picture we yearn for….

    1. Melody schreef:

      ;-) Indeed, you understand it….

  7. That is the sign of a real photographer. You wear your bruises with pride – LOL. Happy ABC Wednesday and have a blessed week, my friend!

    1. Melody schreef:

      ;-) Yes i do ;-)

      Thank you Arnoldo…same to you!!

  8. lesliebc schreef:

    I’d never get up again! LOL

    abcw team

    1. Melody schreef:

      Without help… me neither ;-)

  9. Ann schreef:

    Sometimes it takes lowering yourself to get the perfect picture.

    1. Melody schreef:

      Yes…sometimes you need to get down …

  10. Indrani schreef:

    It is worth getting to your knees too. :) Great pics.
    Happy ABCW!

    1. Melody schreef:

      Indeed it was Indrani, thank you

  11. rietepietz schreef:

    ;-) Ja kunst vraagt offers toch?

    1. Melody schreef:

      Dat klopt, en ik heb t er voor over…

  12. Gattina schreef:

    Very nice ! did you get up easily ??

    ABC Team

    1. Melody schreef:

      No…. but thankfully i had my best friend with me, who knows that i need her help and she never does mind that ;-)

  13. Nonnie USA schreef:

    many of us see that one may get a better photo, but aging bodies rebel at our doing this.

    1. Melody schreef:

      Indeed Nonnie…. quality is like beauty in the eye of the beholder ;-)

  14. Ellen schreef:

    ha! Good catch! The things we do for the perfect photo…

    1. Melody schreef:

      Indeed Ellen…. if needed, i lie down too for the shot i want ;-)

  15. photowannabe schreef:

    This made me smile. She’s a great friend…(:0)

    1. Melody schreef:

      Yes she is the very best one can have!!
      I’ve called her my sister (wich i by blood don’t have) for many years… i’ve matched her after her divorce to a friend of mine who was divorced to …and they are now married already for almost 12 years (coming november)

  16. Melody, this made me smile. Even though I know I would need a hand standing back up, I would do the same. It’s these little moments that make cameras a delight! amy

    1. Melody schreef:

      Hi Amy, indeed, you are right.

      I never go out alone, always with someone close to me, and all the people close to me know about my disabilities and are always prepared to help me up

  17. Su-sieee! Mac schreef:

    My knees are divas and won’t let me do much. So, I’ve gotten very good at bending low to take photos.
    The View from the Top of the Ladder

    1. Melody schreef:

      My knees are fine… .but my back isn’t so bending over is something i can’t do

  18. Joy schreef:

    I see there is a nice ledge there to lever yourself up after your photographic adventure.

    1. Melody schreef:

      Yes it is ;-) But a hand from a friend is much better ;-)

  19. lmkazmierczak schreef:

    Yes, getting the shot can sometimes be precarious…thanks for stopping by my blog! Have great week♪

    1. Melody schreef:

      indeed ;-)

      Thank you Laurie, wishing you the same! ♫

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