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Each week we try to express how we feel about the letter which turn it is, and every week I am pleasantly surprised by the number of entries, so first of all I want to thank every participant for his/her effort in searching an applicable photograph, making a blogpost and linking it in this weekly, wonderful and challenging, photomeme.”Expressing” is what everyone of us does, 24/7 in word, behaviour and gestures. Its what defines us, its what people tells something about us and its also one of the first things which influences what people think about us which on its turn determines if one person likes another or not. Everyone “expresses” him/her-self on his/her blog, in many different ways, one of which is photomeme ABC-Wednesday. It always a surprise what i get to see after opening the link of a participant. Sometimes i get intriged, sometimes mystified, sometimes something else, but the surprise has never been a disappointing one. I enjoy very much to ‘get to know’ my photomeme-loving fellow bloggers a little better, little by little. Of course, not only the person behind the blog but I love also the ‘journeys’ I get to undertake, all over the world, in the total comfort of my own home, sitting on my couch, here in a relatively small town, in the northern parts of The Nederlands, the 2nd province from above on the right side of the map.

I do wish all of you a very nice day with lots of love and happiness and also, lots of fun in ABC-Wednesday in this entry, and I hope, many more to come!

In addition, thanks to my fellow-teammember Roger on ABC-Wednesday

30 thoughts on “ABC-Wednesday-17E”

  1. ann schreef:

    I hopefully express on my blog, the love I have for God, Family and friends. I try to be possitive and share what is important to me. Expressions make or break you when it comes to showing compassion to others. Nice post today.

    1. Melody schreef:

      I think so to Ann. In former years i blogged the same things you mention…. but some 2,5 years ago i deleted everything and started fresh… rarely i now blog about personal things, most of the time i keep it to the memes i’m part of..

      Thank you Ann for visiting, commenting and your kindnes in it.

  2. diwestwell schreef:

    I like to express myself by writing and singing and cooking Turkish and European food,
    Nice words melody,
    best wishes,
    ABCW team.

    1. Melody schreef:

      Wonderful ways Di!

      I do it in photographing, writing and music…and i my way how i treat people, i used to sing and dance and play instruments, but due to poor healt that is no longer possible, so now ‘just’ enjoying it by listening and watching

      Thank you , wishing you the same!

  3. Rajesh schreef:

    Very true. Expressiveness is a way of life.

    1. Melody schreef:

      Nice to see we agree Rajesh!

      Have a nice evening.

  4. Beat About The Book schreef:

    Expression is really what blogging is about. You’re so right. This need to express and share – that’s what keeps us coming back to each other.

    1. Melody schreef:

      Yes i think so too….. this kind of contact with people all around the world, gives my much pleasure.

  5. Roger Green schreef:

    A Madonna song comes to mind!


    1. Melody schreef:

      ah ….and wich one?

    1. Melody schreef:

      ahhh yes indeed, this one fits ;-)

      I’m not a fan of her so i don’t know very much about her music. Thank you !

  6. photowannabe schreef:

    I want to Embrace the music too.

    1. Melody schreef:

      well do it ;-) Let nobody (or yourself) hinder you…. its to fun not to enjoy

  7. Ellen schreef:

    You are giving Roger some competition in the music world! Happy letter E to you!

    1. Melody schreef:

      ;-) Can be fun… ;-)

      Thank you Ellen, you too!!

  8. ewok1993 schreef:

    Making my weekly visit.


    1. Melody schreef:

      Thank you Ewok !

  9. Ira PT schreef:

    Expressing is an art, I feel. It takes me time to put forth my thoughts… Outside the blog I am a ‘dud’ with expressions!

    1. Melody schreef:

      I agree Ira. I’m glad you know how and do… express yoursef. Thank you for visiting and commenting.

  10. gravadee schreef:

    Nice take

    1. Melody schreef:

      Thank you.

  11. Freda Labianca schreef:

    I’m all about self-expression! Great post!
    Day One Photography

    1. Melody schreef:

      Yes i’ve noticed and loved it!
      Thank you.

  12. May the peace of the Lord be with you.

    1. Melody schreef:

      It is, always… in that i trust completely ;-)

      Thank you, wishing you the same.

  13. Kakel schreef:

    Je bent op de Engelse tour. Wat goed! Als iemand zich goed weet uit te drukken, ben jij het wel :-)
    Liefs en een knuffel x

    1. Melody schreef:

      Ja en nee…. deze foto-uitdaging is eigendom van een Britse. Er doen wekelijks tussen de 50-70 mensen aan mee uit plaatsen over de hele wereld.

      Een paar weken geleden ben ik gevraagd teamlid te worden en een teamlid moet ook een intro schrijven voor een x-aantal letters. De E was dus voor mij…. en deze intro vind je dus op de site van ABC-Wednesday en dus ook hier bij mijn eigen bijdrage.

      Dank je wel schat. knuffel, liefs -x-♥

  14. Kakel schreef:

    Wel leuk, zoveel reacties!
    Wat staat er trouwens een bijzondere Latijnse spreuk bovenaan je blog.
    Dikke knuffel x

    1. Melody schreef:

      ja dat is ook zo ;-)

      Die kwam ik tegen en vond ik zelf zo gaaf dus maar in gebruik genomen ;-)


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