Round 21 – G

My 155-th entry – bijdrage
My first entry: 28-08-2014 : 15-G

Hi Everybody, a very good- morning / -afternoon / -evening!

In round 21 of ABC, or better still, round 1 of the new version of ABC, continuing in my introducing music to you… for G I’ve chosen another Dutch singer, a lady this time, who listens to the name Jacqueline Govart  born on april 20 1980.
She started in a band called “Krezip” and in 2009 she started her solocareer.
With her band and also solo she had many hits already, on of them being about friendship, a wonderful theme to sing about isn’t?

Have a splendid, ♥-warming ABC-day / – week!
♫ M e l ☺ d y ♫

30 thoughts on “21-G”

  1. fietszwerver schreef:

    never heard off the band and this singer
    but she has a nice voice , and yes friendship is always a good theme
    have a nice day

    1. Melody schreef:

      Well how nice to may introduce someone new to you ;-)

      Yes, let us both do

      1. fietszwerver schreef:

        yes so you did
        the change is small I hear this nice lady again
        the times I did listen to radio are since I got rid of my car totaly , nil

        1. Melody schreef:


          Hmmm I would not think about that …can’t miss it.

          1. fietszwerver schreef:

            I sure can :)

            1. Melody schreef:

              I know you do ;-)

  2. fietszwerver schreef:

    kan niet reageren bij “doe es niet ”
    die lui die jij meld zouden moeten worden verwijderd en wel levens lang :(

    1. Melody schreef:

      Sorry, de link deed t niet goed…. moet t nu wel doen…

      ja eigenlijk wel maar ja daar leert hun kroost dan weer niets van

  3. Roger Green schreef:

    You know WAY more about Dutch music than do I.

    1. Melody schreef:

      *grinnnnn* that is quite logical isn’t it?
      If you were the Dutch on and I the American, it would be the other round wouldn’t it.

  4. Great post and photos ~ not familiar with Dutch singers or music but great to learn ~ thanks, ^_^


    1. Melody schreef:

      Thank you Carol… How wonderful it is to have the opportunity to introduce something unknown to you and others ;-)

  5. Betty schreef:

    When I clicked on it I got a message saying that the uploader hasn’t made this available in my country, but if you recommended her I’m sure she has a beautiful voice and I like the title of her song.

    1. Melody schreef:

      Ohh Betty I am sorry about that…. maybe you can find her on youtube by adding her name in it?

      It is a wonderful song indeed, the subject is an inspiration isn’t it

  6. Hildred Finch schreef:

    Lovely, enjoyed this very much.

    1. Melody schreef:

      I am glad Hildred that I was able to please you.

  7. zongrik schreef:

    what a smile

    1. Melody schreef:

      Haha yes she has

  8. Gattina schreef:

    Don’t know this girl at all, maybe I have heard a song of her, she has a nice but not a special voice.

    1. Melody schreef:

      Ahh okay, well I am glad that I could introduce someting new to you.

  9. Lea schreef:

    I was not able to play the video to hear her sing, but from her picture I can imagine that she is a very vibrant (spirited, lively, energetic) singer
    I hope you are having a wonderful week!

    1. Melody schreef:

      that I am sorry about, maybe you can find her on youtube.

      She indeed is.

      Thank you Lea, wishing you the same!

  10. Joy schreef:

    Most enjoyable, I like singer/songwriters.

    1. Melody schreef:

      ;-) I totally agree ;-)

  11. Daphne schreef:

    Although it’s not a song you hear often, I still like her singing and her song of course :)
    Big kisses

    1. Melody schreef:

      As you know I never listen to the radio so I don’t hear her to often also ;-) But you are right, I like her singing to.


  12. Su-sieee! Mac schreef:

    I couldn’t view your video, but I went over to Youtube and listened to a video of her singing Sweet Goodbyes. I love her deep vibrant voice.

    1. Melody schreef:

      Ahhh I am sorry…

      Good for you… Wonderful you’ve found her. Yes me too

  13. Rajesh schreef:

    Very nice.

    1. Melody schreef:

      Thank you Rajesh, nice to see we agree on this ;-)

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