Ani-Pic Foto-Uitdaging bij Daphne

Start: 1 maart 2017 – 6

Thema 15 – 12  april 2017




Uit Foto-Album van Ouwehands Zoo te Rhenen  op 3 februari 2017

24x Akkoorden op - Chords on “Sneeuwuil

  1. ja denk het , zo mooi zit het te poseren :)
    omdat ik vaak in m’n tuintje aan het struinen ben , denk ik soms ook dat sommige dieren mij wel kennen :)
    ik sluit af
    slaap wel

  2. i love owls

    most of the people i don’t see again. one woman i might get with and shoot her doing yoga. another woman wants to talk to me on the phone. someone else wanted me to come meet his band in Los Angles, maybe to take more pictures of them, but I live 130 km away.

    but a lot i know cuz they are my dentist, or i see them in stores i go to, or i take classes with them.

    • Me2 Zongrik, I love birds in general.

      Aha okay…. do you ask their permissions also to post of photo of them? I hardly post photo’s of people, unless I have their permission.. The law about portaits without permission put online is very strict here, the fines are enormous high. I don’t want to be in that risk.

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