Mrs. Nesbitts’ ABC-Wednesday – 16Q


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  • jesh stg  schreef ~ wrote:

    Hope your dogs and the ones of your friends got along:)

    • Melody  schreef ~ wrote:

      Our dogs do get along very fine with all of the ‘guest-dogs’ , even if all of them (5) are here at the same time
      Always a merry bunch ;-)

  • readerwil  schreef ~ wrote:

    Heel mooi!
    Wil, ABCW Team

  • kakel  schreef ~ wrote:

    Vijf dikke vrienden! Een foto om te koesteren..
    Liefs en een knuffel

  • Frederique  schreef ~ wrote:

    Prachtige foto! Een mooi vijftal.

    Liefs Frederique

  • Roger Green  schreef ~ wrote:

    Handsome quartet (or quintet!)

  • Arnoldo L. Romero  schreef ~ wrote:

    You beat my by one, since I only have a trio. Unless you count my cat as part of the pack of quadrupeds. Happy ABC Wednesday! #25

    • Melody  schreef ~ wrote:

      We ourselfes own 2,,, both dogs in the back (black) … both brown ones are (regular) guests…2 of 5

      We have one cat also, sometimes she accompanies us during a walk with the dogs but not this time

      Thank you, wishing you the same.

  • Ellen  schreef ~ wrote:

    Fabulous! Love your quadruple! Do they all belong to you?

    • Melody  schreef ~ wrote:

      Aren’t theuu? ;-) No the black dogs are ours, the brown ones are guests

  • Chrisj  schreef ~ wrote:

    Oh what a gorgeous handful — and all sitting so obediently.

    • Melody  schreef ~ wrote:

      Thank you.,,, They’re not that obedient as they seem, my husband just had a little luck when he wanted to take this photo ;-) But they all are adorable, nevertheless

  • Plato  schreef ~ wrote:

    Mooie dieren. Zien er gezond uit. Prachtige foto trouwens.

  • rietepietz  schreef ~ wrote:

    Wat een gewéldig stel ! Moedig hoor om met 4 grote honden in je uppie op stap te gaan!

    • Melody  schreef ~ wrote:

      Ja heerlijk !

      Als je de honden niet kent ja wellicht wel, maar deze ken ik door en door… is dus totaal geen probleem ;-)

  • Freda Mans  schreef ~ wrote:

    Lovely dogs!!!!

  • ria  schreef ~ wrote:

    Mooie foto Melody. De vrienden poseren of het hun beroep is. Prachtig.

    Liefs, Ria

    • Melody  schreef ~ wrote:

      Dank je wel Ria… dat wilden ze wel deze keer ;-)

      Liefs terug

  • Fritz Ant  schreef ~ wrote:

    My what a handful these would be to walk them all at once.

    • Melody  schreef ~ wrote:

      That only seems so ;-)
      It happens that i walk with even more… depending on the amount of guestdogs are our house at some time ;-)

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