Thursday Challenge ~

Thema  17 – 24  maart 2016 ~

EMPTY (Vakant. Achtergelaten. Hol. Leeg. Container/stoel/huis…)


28x Akkoorden op - Chords on “Leeg

    • Op de foto wel ja…. in het echt niet….. je hoort Jim jou allerlei dingen vertellen… en het tochtje is te kort om echt in een zenstadium te komen helaas…
      Melody componeerde ~ composed LeegMy Profile

    • Hi Janice…

      Its a little part of a very large construction…wich provides a part of The Netherlands with power through the energy-net one has in their home

      thank you
      Melody componeerde ~ composed Haiku-61My Profile

        • How wonderful Janice, wishing you lots and lots of fun….

          Amsterdam is a 2 hrs drive for me… lies aprox. in the middle, horizontaly spoken, to the west side…
          i live up north to the east-side… in a much rural surroundings then where Amsterdam lies.

          However…. do have fun, i hope that all the Dutch treats will pleasure you!
          Melody componeerde ~ composed Haiku-61My Profile

          • We will be going by coach to The Hague and Delft. Having grown up on a farm it would have been nice to have seen more countryside. Thanks for the good wishes. Please, keep sharing your beautiful photos!

            • Its (ofcourse) a matter of taste but if i may say so: Both cities you will visit are worth visiting, so much more then Amsterdam ;-)

              Yes indeed it would… well maybe another time again?

              I will ;-)
              Melody componeerde ~ composed Haiku-61My Profile

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