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Noahs Photo Sunday – BALLOON


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    1. Dank je wel Edward, dit de enige die mooi gelukt is, gelijk nadat ik klikte begon het te regenen ;-)

      Ja geweldig he….. staat op mijn wensenlijstje… deze keer liep ik er langs maar ooit hoop ik er in te mogen zitten hoog in de lucht

    1. to bad you can’t read dutch Freda ;-)

      In an earlier comment i said the same … for many years already i want that too… with my camera ofcourse besides me, ready for action !

    1. Maybe someday Molly… you’ll get the chance and you realize that it is not a bad thing to confront yourself with your fears …and then afterwards realizing that your fears were ungrounded…. i wish you a fearfree life!

      Kind regards, to Michael also. .xxx

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