Mrs. Nesbitts’ ABC-Wednesday ~ 17-C


Nearly two weeks ago my husband got a new knee. After spending 30 hours in hospital i could take him home. Now a couchpotato wich he hates. Being patient does not suit him all that wel ;-)

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    1. yes it does… so he tells me…. and like the orthopedic surgeon predicted….
      But…countless little-repeat-surgeries didn’t work… walking became more and more a disaster, let alone do his job ….

      Thank you Di, given time, he will… we’ll just have to be patient… he more then me ofcourse ;-)

    1. Thank you Arnoldo, very sweet !

      The lack of movility has gone on for many years now… it became worse every day…

      Thank you!!

    1. Hallo Mascha

      Danke schön für die liebe Wünsche…. es wert eine Weile dauern aber slechter wie es war kann es nich werden ;-)

    1. Yes they are…. in a week the staples will come out… an then (hopefuly) moving will go easier…
      I am oke, this is the knee of my husband ;-)

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