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Hi Everybody, a very good- morning / -afternoon / -evening!

Thinking of D in a musical mind like mine, many names pop up to choose from. I think you will agree with me that being Dutch I firstly think of dutch musicians, certainly with this letter.  So today a Dutch band (very much still alive and kicking!!!) who have a very recognizable sound and have established quite a name during the 72 !! years they are around now as a Dixieland Orchestra.  Their name is Dutch Swing College Band and on their website you will find lots of more info about them.

This band started on may 5th 1945, THE day that WO2 ended. The original people who started the band were: Peter Schilperoort (klarinet 11-04-1919 / 11-17-1990), Frans Vink (piano 5-18-1918 / 01-13-1967), Henny Frohwein (bas , 09-27-1924 / 07-13-2012) & Tonny Nüsser (drums 08-28-1923… ). Frans Vinks was also the leader of the band.

So no more talk but music …Enjoy!

Have a splendid, ♥-warming ABC-day / – week!
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    1. Kan het me moeiteloos voorstellen! Zullke dingen deed ik ook met mijn vader…. superpret, vooral als we met zijn tweetjes samen alleen waren… al had hij dan een heel andere smaak maar dat doet er niet toe


    1. Haha thank you Deedee …. its not my real name though. This name was give to me by a very dear friend who was a singer in 1997, he past away last september after struggling many years agains cancer.

  1. The Husband and I would love to listen to this band live. I like their interpretation of dixieland. They’re not tinny like the way I think of that style of music. The scatting reminded me of Fats Waller. loved that.

    1. Life… they are wonderful. I can image you would like to feel that for yourselves… maybe someday ways will cross and you will be joining yourselves in front of them…

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